Slideshow: 6 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests

Don't let pantry pests ruin your holiday baking fun! Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles can quickly turn your kitchen in to a nightmare as they infest cupboards and pantries, but browse our slideshow for tips on keeping them out!

  • 6 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests

    Keep Pests From Ruining Your Baking Fun

    Nothing ruins a day of holiday fun in the kitchen like opening up the cupboard only to discover pantry pests have gotten there first! The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) shares 6 tips to help protect your pantry from mice, Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles.

  • Proper Storage

    Proper Storage

    Properly storing snacks and baking ingredients can go a long way in preventing a pantry pest infestation. Invest in sealed plastic or glass containers with secure lids that will keep your pantry organized while keeping out hungry pests!

  • Be a Smart Shopper

    Be a Smart Shopper

    Many pantry pests are brought in to the home with items that were already infested upon purchase. In the grocery store, always leave behind items that show even the slightest signs of damage and closely inspect all bags and boxes before bringing them in to the home.

  • Check the Date

    Check the Date

    Remember to check expiration dates on baking ingredients before use. Periodically sort through old items in the pantry and toss out anything that’s been stored for a long period of time.

  • Use Bay Leaves

    Use Bay Leaves

    Add a bay leaf to canisters and packages of dry goods like flour, rice and other grains. The herb’s pungent scent repels many pantry pests.

  • Keep It Clean

    Keep It Clean

    Immediately wipe up any crumbs or spills from countertops, tables, floors and shelves, and dispose of garbage regularly in sealed receptacles.

If you're dealing with an infestation of pantry pests, contact a licensed pest professional for assistance in handling the problem. Use our zip code locator to find a local company near you.