How to Get Rats Out of Your House

Rat crawling into a houseFinding rodents in your home, particularly rats, can be an unsettling experience. When deciding how to get rats out of your home, it’s not something you can do without the help of a pest control professional. These pests reproduce quickly and pose a threat to your health as they can spread many different kinds of diseases. Eradicating an infestation can be difficult without a pro; however, homeowners can take preventative steps to avoid letting these pests enter their home in the future.

If you’re wondering how to keep rats out of your house, one of the best things you can do is do a full evaluation of the interior and exterior of your property to see where there are any spots for pests to take advantage of. This means looking at windows and screen doors for tears and checking your foundation for openings any larger than the size of a quarter – that’s how small a space rats can squeeze through! From there, patch the openings and use caulk to seal any holes.

Rat climbing on a rope

Additionally, review the cleanliness of your home. Rodents are attracted to spaces that provide them with food and shelter, meaning any food debris left on counters or extra shipping boxes thrown in the garage could be of interest to them. To keep rats out of your house, be sure to thoroughly clean your counters, sinks and tables of any leftover food. Store your garbage, indoors and outdoors, in a closed container and keep it far away from the home on trash day. Break down any shipping boxes immediately, as these are a great resource for rodents that are building their nest.

Rodents are a problem year-round for homeowners. These precautions can certainly help you avoid any unwanted encounters, but if you’re concerned, it is best to work with a pest control professional to ensure your home is prepared. 

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