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Prevent Pantry Pests During the Holidays

Follow these tips to prevent pantry pests from ruining holiday baking.


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Our Interactive "Pest in the House"

Learn about the most common household bugs found in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other areas of the home. You’ll discover why pests are attracted to certain rooms, get expert advice on household bug identification, and find pest-proofing tips to keep pests out year-round.

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Check out some of our Pest TV videos on the latest pest happenings across the country.

Explore Termite Damage Like Never Before With Our Tiny Termite House Hub

We introduced more than half a million voracious termites into a tiny, built-to-scale dream home, revealing the destructive nature of these pests like never before. Visit our Tiny Termite House hub and go behind the walls to see the devastation these "silent destroyers" can cause to any home. With high-resolution photography and professional videos, you'll get an inside look at how termites work together to wreak havoc and learn why an infestation should never be taken lightly.

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VIDEO: How to Pest-Proof the Tree

Watch this short step-by-step guide on pest-proofing fresh-cut evergreen trees and wreaths this holiday season.

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Paper Wasps Can Stick Around During Winter

To some people's surprise, certain pests can survive the winter cold. See how paper wasps stay alive and learn how to prevent them.

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The Top 5 Invasive Species

These are the top 5 invasive pests to look out for in and around your home. With no natural predators, these pests can quickly establish themselves and become an issue.

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Pest Control Information from Trusted Experts

PestWorld.org is the official website of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In addition to factual pest control resources and information, you can search for exterminators in your area, and find detailed information on specific household pests to help you prevent infestations.

Feel free to use PestWorld.org as your main resource for credible information on bugs, rodents, pest control and the growing professional pest management industry. Browse the latest pest news, learn more about extermination services or find a pest control professional in your area. Get the most up-to-date pest control information straight from the experts at PestWorld.org!


Identify Pest


Our comprehensive Pest Guide can be used for rodent, insect and bug identification.

Each profile contains detailed information including:

  • Habit
  • Threats
  • Habitats
  • Prevention
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