What Attracts Stink Bugs in Your House?

Leaves are changing colors and a chill is in the air, two distinct signs of fall! But another sign marking the end of summer is the arrival ofstink bugs.

Brown marmorated stink bugs are an invasive pest speciesfirst discovered in the state of Pennsylvania, USA, in the 1990s. They are a harmless pest that typically emit a stinky odor when squished. Like other pests that do not fare well in cold temperatures, you’re likely to find this insect indoors when temperatures drop. To keep them out of the home, you must know what attracts stink bugs in the first place.

What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Like humans, most pests do not want to spend time outdoors in cold weather. Stink bugs are attracted to warmth and shelter and take advantage of cracks and crevices to gain entry to your home for your shelter and warmth. Another thing that attracts stink bugs in your house is an abundance of light.

Some tips to prevent stink bugs from entering your home include:

  • Seal openings with caulk
  • Check screens on windows and doors for holes
  • Keep exterior lighting to a minimum
  • Use blinds to reduce any light from inside the home from spilling out

It is common to find a few stink bugs in the home, especially in the autumn. Taking steps to make your home less attractive to stink bugs can greatly reduce your likelihood of an infestation. However, if you continue to find large amounts of stink bugs in your home, you can contact a licensed pest control professional for assistance.

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