Pest Concerns in Schools

All school environments – from Kindergarten classrooms to university campuses – face unique challenges when it comes to implementing pest control programs. School officials are not only responsible for protecting the well being of students from serious health threats posed by the presence of pests, but they are also required to follow state and federal mandates regarding an increased focus on using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and limiting the use of product treatments.

A variety of pests can be found in school settings. Flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders, stinging insects and rodents are some of the most common suspects. Head lice are also problematic amongst students, but, unlike other pests, louse control should be handled by a health professional.

While often difficult, it’s important to ensure all points of entry are sealed and no hidden harborage areas exist. By partnering with a licensed pest control professional who can implementing proper pest-proofing steps throughout the year and educate facility personnel about pest prevention and potential problems, schools can succeed in keeping pest problems to a minimum.