Children's eBook Series

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) created a children's eBook series that teaches kids (and parents) about bugs, entomology and the pest management profession.

"The Pest Detectives"


"The Pest Detectives" follows the adventures of Millie, an 8-year-old insect lover, as she solves real-life pest mysteries with her father, a pest professional. Join Millie as she shares stories of past pest investigations and embarks on a new case to determine the secret behind Mrs. Romero's pest problem. The digital book is written by Susan Carraretto, author of the popular mom blog 5MinutesforMom, and is illustrated by Colleen Madden. Click here to download a copy of "The Pest Detectives."

"The Uninvited Houseguest"

"The Uninvited Houseguest," the second in NPMA's children's eBook series, features the adventures of 9-year-old Nate as he and his family discover they have a mouse in the house! Luckily, Pest Detective Millie and her father, a pest professional, come to the rescue to solve this pest mystery and determine the secret behind their pest predicament. The digital book is written by Jo-Lynne Shane, author of the popular lifestyle blog Musings of a Housewife, and is illustrated by Colleen Madden. Click here to download a copy of "The Uninvited Houseguest."