Integrated Pest Management Plans for Schools

IPM in Schools

“Going to school” is supposed to be an adventure for children but not because pests and rodents share their classroom. The presence of pests in schools can seriously affect the health of both students and teachers, which makes professional pest control essential to providing a safe learning environment.

Although a “hot” topic for parents and educators, integrated pest management (IPM) in schools is rarely understood. Common sense and sound solutions are the foundation for IPM, and where children’s health is concerned, these are critical. IPM practices in schools focus upon 1) inspection, 2) identification and 3) treatment by pest professionals. 

Pest-Proofing in Schools 

Pests are, by nature, opportunistic and resourceful. The school community must be vigilant, year-round, in protecting students’ and teachers’ health and the school property from the diseases and damage associated with pests. 

The act of pest-proofing our schools is something we can all help to do. Although facility maintenance is a significant part of protecting children’s health in schools, it is only as good as the vigilance of our superintendents, administrators and facility managers. Consider this list of tips for pest-proofing schools as part of a solid IPM program.

Moreover, parents can support schools in preventing pest problems by implementing simple measures in the daily routine of their students. Be sure to clean out your child’s schoolbag each and every day. This will help to prevent pests from being transported from school to home and vice versa. Also, parents can be sure that any outdoor toys that might be brought to school for “Show and Tell” are cleaned and checked for pests before being passed around the classroom. Finally, parents can also do their part to pest-proof schools by properly packing lunches in sealed containers to prevent pests from finding their way into students’ food. When it comes to preventing pest problems in schools, it is a collaborative effort for all involved.

Tips for Selecting a Pest Professional Who Practices IPM

Follow the below tips to find a pest control professional who takes an IPM approach to getting rid of pests. 

View some additional tips for locating the right pest control service by clicking here. To find a licensed pest control professional in your area, visit our zip code locator