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Bugs in Furniture

Believe it or not, it’s highly common to find pests in furniture throughout your home. While you may enjoy relaxing in your favorite comfy chair after a long day, this lounge seat could also be a major hotspot for a number of pests. Some insect invaders will crawl along easy-to-spot surfaces like kitchen counters; whereas other “sofa bugs” tend to inhabit areas where you spend your free time, including chairs, couches, and mattresses.

These pesky invaders include Varied Carpet Beetles, Bed Bugs, Fleas, and House Dust Mites.

Furniture Pest Identification

Bed Bugs

Varied Carpet Beetles


House Dust Mites

What are the Signs of Furniture Bugs?

Bed Bugs

Varied Carpet Beetles


Where Do Furniture Bugs Come From?

While these pests might not fully appreciate a comfy reclining chair, they still make the most of all the amenities that homes have to offer. In particular, carpets serve as shelter and even food for some living room bugs like dust mites and beetles. Living rooms also typically have greater accessibility for pests compared to other parts of the house. They are usually located on the first floor and near the front door, and also tend to have multiple windows that provide numerous entry points for pests. Additionally, living rooms accommodate a great deal of foot traffic compared to other rooms, giving any hitchhiking bugs ample opportunities to make their way into the home. When it comes to the bedroom, most insects are less concerned with the quality of the mattress, and instead are more attracted to the person or pet lying in the bed. As such, bedrooms provide an ideal environment for pests, as they give them regular access to a food source – humans – as well as ample hiding spots in bed seams and layers of sheets.

How to Keep Pests Out of Furniture

There are a handful of tips that homeowners and travelers alike can implement to prevent bed bugs, fleas and dust mites from invading furniture. Inside the home, homeowners should practice good sanitation, especially in the bedroom, to ward off any infestations. Eliminate clutter to reduce potential hiding spots for pests, wash and dry bed linens using the hottest temperature allowed for the fabric, and closely inspect any second-hand furniture before bringing it inside. Also, be sure to regularly inspect areas where pets sleep for signs of fleas.

Flea prevention:

Dust mite prevention:

Bed bug prevention:

Varied carpet beetle prevention:

Find a Pest Control Professional for Furniture and Sofa Bugs

Wondering how to get rid of bugs living in your furniture? It’s always best to contact a licensed pest control professional. A qualified professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the furniture in question to identify the source of the problem and recommend a proper course of treatment.

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