Can Silverfish Bite?

The usual response when you see something with several legs crawling throughout your home is panic. And while that is a perfectly normal response, not all bugs with multiple sets of legs pose a threat to us! The silverfish, a household pest known for eating paper products and hiding in bathrooms, has a creepy appearance but is relatively harmless. So, can silverfish bugs bite? And if they do, what do silverfish bites look like?

What Do Silverfish Bugs Bites Look Like? 

While Silverfish can bite, they don’t bite humans. The reason they can’t bite humans, even if they wanted to, is because of their weak jaws.

However, while they are not known to spread diseases, these pests are not completely harmless. They chew on paper and fabric items to feed. So when Silverfish bugs do bite, it looks like chew marks on items around your home. Silverfish bug bites can therefore end up causing damage to your home, even if they don’t really harm you physically.

Silverfish enjoy paper products, such as wallpaper, books, and fabric. An infestation can mean costly damage if it is not resolved by a pest control professional. This pest favors dark, damp spaces to hide, so keep an eye out for them in your bathroom, attics, and basements. And now that you know what silverfish bites look like, be sure to look for possible damage to paper products around these areas.

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