What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are an invasive species of insect first discovered in the state of Pennsylvania, USA in the 1990s. Although they pose no threat, you don’t want to find stink bugs in your house because they can emit stinky odors.  

When temperatures drop, stink bugs make their way indoors. An important part of keeping them out is understanding what attracts stink bugs to your house in the first place.   

What Attracts Stink Bugs in Your House?  

Like humans, most pests do not want to spend time outdoors in cold weather. Stink bugs are attracted to the warmth and shelter of your house, and will enter through any cracks and openings. You should seal openings with caulk to keep them out, and don’t forget to check screens on windows and doors for holes as well!  

Light also attracts stink bugs to your house. To prevent this, you should keep exterior lighting to a minimum and use blinds to reduce any light from inside the home from spilling out.   

A few stink bugs here and there are very common, especially in autumn. Understanding what in your house attracts stink bugs and following these tips can help keep them out. 

However, if you continue to find large amounts of stink bugs in your home, you can contact a licensed pest control professional for assistance.   

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