Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

From making homemade bug-repellent elixirs to potting Venus Fly traps, many homeowners have tried to eliminate pests themselves. While these remedies may work at times, DIY pest control efforts can be time-consuming and expensive with no guarantee of success.

Routine pest control through a licensed pest control professional is a reliable method of pest management — especially if homeowners experience recurring problems. These professionals have the knowledge, tools and training to eliminate pest infestations safely and properly for good. Keep reading to see if a monthly pest control service would be a good fit for you.

What is Monthly Pest Control?

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Scheduled pest control treatment plans can vary based on the services you need and more. Ultimately, the goal of monthly, or routinely scheduled, pest control is to prevent pest problems from compounding in your home. By having routine pest control measures, you can catch and resolve your home’s pest issues as – and even before – they arise. 

What’s the Value of Monthly Pest Control?

Monthly pest control services can help protect your home in many ways.

The fact remains — pests and rodents can have harmful effects on your health and your family's health. Cockroaches can increase the severity of asthma symptoms in young children. Rodents can serve as vectors, carrying bacteria, such as salmonella, on their bodies and contaminate food sources and kitchen surfaces in homes. Other pests can also trigger allergic reactions and spread dangerous diseases. Routine visits from a pest control professional can help homeowners eradicate these pests from their homes to help preserve their family’s health and well-being.

Additionally, sneaky pests like termites can cause serious structural damage to your home. In fact, every year, termites cause an estimated $6.8 billion in property damage when adjusted for inflation — damage typically not covered by homeowners' insurance. And, unlike some other pests, termite infestations cannot be fixed by DIY measures. Monthly pest control can help you detect and eradicate termites before they cause serious damage to your home. 

The Cost of Monthly Pest Control Services VS DIY Remedies

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If you’re on the fence between monthly professional pest control services and DIY pest control remedies, consider the size of the infestation, the cost and your family’s safety.

Small infestations may be easier to manage yourself but can risk becoming quickly unmanageable. In some situations, it may be better to consult pest control professionals, as trying to eliminate pests yourself can become costly and time-consuming with no guarantee of success. Homeowners should always seek the help of professionals for large infestations.

Pest control is not free—and, at times, it can be costly. Home remedies may be less expensive in the short term, but cheap fixes may just be temporary. Monthly pest control costs can be more predictable and routine, at a relatively constant price.

Another aspect to consider when determining if routine pest control services are right for you is your family’s safety, which brings us back to the question: is monthly pest control necessary? Battling infestations with DIY remedies does not guarantee success. This means pests can pose a health threat to your family if not properly dealt with. If you are concerned your family’s health may worsen because a pest infestation, it is likely best to take immediate action and consult a licensed pest control professional

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