Public Service Announcements

Check out these public services announcements developed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

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"It's that Easy" PSA

It's easier than you think for pests to threaten your family's health. Common pests such as ticks, rodents and mosquitoes can spread dangerous diseases to both people and pets.

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Reality Check PSA

Believe it or not, pests can pose serious health threats and an infestation could be just out of sight in your home. Although they may seem small in size, household intruders like cockroaches and rodents can cause big problems.

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Hindsight PSA

Vector pests such as mosquitoes and ticks can transmit serious diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease, while cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions. Protect yourself and your family from these risks with proper pest prevention.

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Sick Day PSA

Watch our 2018 public service announcement (PSA) that highlights the ways illnesses and conditions triggered by pests can impact your wellbeing, from West Nile virus to allergy symptoms.

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Safety First PSA

Watch our 2018 public service announcement (PSA) that highlights some of the easy-to-miss, yet common health risks associated with the presence of pests in and around our homes.

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Symptoms PSA

Watch our 2017 public service announcement (PSA) that highlights the unexplained symptoms that can arise from health complications caused by pests.

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Pests Without Borders PSA

Watch our 2016 public service announcement focusing on pests as vectors of disease and the global threat they pose to our health.

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Doctor's Office PSA

Watch our 2015 public service announcement speaking to the health implications that pest infestations can have on allergies and asthma.

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First Responder PSA

Watch our 2014 public service announcement offering information on safeguarding the health and safety of families from household pests.

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