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Will They Eat It?

Termites are known for their destructive wood-based diets, but what happens when they encounter household items like headphones and shoes? “Will They Eat It?”, a six-part video series, shows that these silent destroyers are capable of chewing through much more than just wood.

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2019 Termite Awareness Week

Do you know how many eggs a formosan termite queen can produce in a day? Find that out and much more with this eye-opening termite fact sheet.

2019 Spring/Summer Bug Barometer

2019 Spring/Summer Bug Barometer® Infographic

The Bug Barometer® forecasts a spike in pest pressure in much of the continental U.S. this spring and summer. Check out your region's pest predictions.

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2019 Winter Vector Sectors Infographic

Check out the 2019 winter Vector Sectors, the top 10 cities with the greatest risk for increased vector pest pressure this winter.

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Rodent Signs Infographic

Rodent infestations are common during the fall and winter months. Learn the top six signs of a rodent infestation, so you know what to look for in your own home.

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2018 Fall/Winter Bug Barometer® Infographic

The Bug Barometer® forecasts an increase in pest pressure across the continental U.S. this fall and winter. Find out the prediction for your region of the country.

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2018 Summer Vector Sectors

Check out the 2018 Vector Sectors, the top 10 cities with the greatest risk for increased vector pest pressure this summer.

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How-To: Remove A Tick

You found a tick on your body and immediately cringed. But now what? Follow the National Pest Management Association’s step-by-step guide to properly remove this biting pest.

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2018 Bed Bug Awareness Week

The 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey found that 97 percent of pest professionals treated for bed bugs in the past year and more than half say summer is the busiest time of year.


Spring/Summer 2018 Bug Barometer

Significant pest pressure is expected across much of the U.S., according to the spring/summer 2018 Bug Barometer.

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Could Termites Be Inside Your Walls?

Take a tour of the home and spot the top five signs of a termite infestation.

2017 Rodent Roundup Thumbnail

2017 Rodent Roundup

The National Pest Management Association analyzed media coverage of rodents over the past year and developed a heat map depicting the findings.