Ticks by State

Ticks are one of the more well-known and widespread pests in the country, capable of biting and feeding on humans, pets and wildlife. There are approximately 850 different tick species around the world, over 90 of which can be found throughout the United States. As vector pests, they can spread a number of different bacterial diseases to people, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In order to stay protected, it’s important to know about the types of ticks that can be found in your state, as well as the threats they pose and what to do if bitten.

Tick Population by State

Based on factors such as weather patterns, geography and biological tick behavior, each state is home to different tick species and population sizes, and therefore faces different threats. Check out the dedicated pages to learn more about tick population by state:

Types of Ticks in the United States

While there are more than 90 different tick species found in the United States, there are five in particular that people need to look out for. Although these species may differ in appearance or where they are found in the country, they also transmit different diseases. Being aware of the threats posed by each species, especially the types of ticks present in your state, is essential to health and safety. Read on to learn more about each of these common species:

 Blacklegged Ticks

 American Dog Ticks
american dog tick

 Brown Dog Ticks

 Lone Star Ticks

 Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks
rocky mountain wood ticks


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Ticks can pose serious health threats to both people and pets, so it’s important that any infestations are promptly and properly addressed. If you discover ticks in your home or are dealing with an infestation on your property, contact a licensed pest control professional who can provide expert insights and solutions. Simply enter your zip code in the search bar below for a list of local and licensed professionals.