Extreme Mosquitoes of Alaska

FAIRFAX, Va. (July 8, 2013) – Do you think mosquitoes are infesting your area? Travel to some regions of Alaska, and you’ll be happy to get back to the pests in your hometown.

Alaska usually sees two waves of mosquitoes. The first are what are known as “snow skeeters.” These larger, slower mosquitoes survive the winter months through a form of hibernation. Their summer cousins, who just recently hatched, are smaller, faster, and definitely more aggravating.

Alaskans are no stranger to mosquitoes. They’ve been called the state bird of Alaska, but this season, mosquito swarms have hit a level not seen in almost 10 years. Residents have been complaining about the number of mosquitoes, but there isn’t too much that can be done except wait them out. Unfortunately, when areas of Alaska warm up, the melting snow can leave wide areas of standing water all over the tundra — perfect breeding grounds for these pests.