Do Mosquitoes Like the Rain?

FAIRFAX, Va. (July 6, 2013) – This past June has been a wet one on the east coast, with rain totals at least 3-5 inches greater than normal. This has spurred many news outlets to warn of an increase in mosquito populations as well. But contrary to what some may believe, mosquitoes don’t like rain, they like puddles.

The female mosquito lays her eggs in stagnant water, and larvae need only ½ inch of water to survive. With so much rainfall, water gathers quickly and cannot easily evaporate or soak into the ground.

To help keep mosquito populations down in these prime breeding conditions, homeowners can follow a few prevention tips to eliminate potential breeding grounds on their personal property.

  • Dump out any standing water that can collect in receptacles such as flower pots and old tires.
  • Replace water in bird baths every few days.
  • Empty baby pools and dry off water slides in between use.
  • Clear water off pool covers after it rains.