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Summer Pest Prevention

Ticks and mosquitoes are two of summer's most dangerous pests. Brush up on pest control tips to prevent bites from them this season.

Vacuuming to eliminate indoor allergy triggers

10 Tips to Eliminate Indoor Allergy Triggers

Indoor allergens like dust mites, dander and cockroaches can flare allergy symptoms during the spring. Prevent allergies and sneezing with these ten home tips.

A cockroach and the type of diseases they can spread

Cockroaches & Disease

Not only are cockroaches are known to trigger asthma and allergies, but they also spread diseases. Learn more.

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2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey: Executive Summary

Read the latest findings about the country's growing problem with bed bugs.

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How to Know When to Hire a Pest Professional

When it comes to pest control, DIY measures are not always effective. Read some pest scenarios and learn the appropriate time to hire an exterminator.

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Know Before You Go

Follow this checklist of bed bugs prevention tips when traveling, including the common signs of bed bugs in hotels.

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Spring Swarmers

Learn about the typical life cycle of a termite colony, which is often made up of workers, soldiers and swarmers.


Buyers Beware

When purchasing a home, it’s essential to schedule a termite inspection and avoid getting stuck with termite damage that is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

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Termites 101

Learn about different termite types like subterranean termites, drywood termites and Formosan termites.

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What kind of bug is THAT?

Check out this guide to identify bugs like centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, crickets, pillbugs, silverfish and boxelder bugs.

Several pill bugs on a wood surface

Weird But True: Strange Facts About Occasional Invader Pests

You won't believe these fascinating facts about crickets, ladybugs, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes and box elder bugs.

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Five tips to prevent occasional invaders

Learn easy tips to get rid of bugs like boxelder bugs, centipedes, earwigs, ladybugs and other occasional invaders.