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A raccoon standing in a trash can

Nuisance Wildlife 101

Check out this guide to identifying some common wild animal invaders, including bats, opossums, raccoons and squirrels.


Top 10 Pest-Proofing Tips For Fall

Check out ten pest-proofing tips that every homeowner can follow to keep pests outside during the fall and winter.

Black Widow Spider with Egg Sac  XV2N6128.jpg

Black Widow Spiders

Here's everything you need to know about the black widow spider, a venomous spider species found in the U.S.

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Spiders 101

Check out this guide to help you identify some of the most common types of spiders and the potential threat they can pose to our health.

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Buzz Off: How to Protect Yourself From Stinging Insects

Stinging insects send more than 500,000 people to the ER each year. Learn how to protect yourself from these aggressive pests.


Everything You Need to Know About Yellowjackets

Learn about what yellowjackets eat, where they live and when yellow jackets attack.

Paper wasp group 3.JPG

Beware of the Most Aggressive Stinging Insects!

Yellowjackets, killer bees and wasps are some of the most aggressive species of stinging insects. Read about how to avoid these dangerous summer pests.

Red imported fire ants crawling in the dirt (1)

Red Imported Fire Ants 101

Red imported fire ants (RIFA) are an aggressive species of ants commonly found in the South and West. Learn more.

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8 Interesting Facts About Ants

Did you know ants can lift 10-50 times their body weight? Read some more fun and interesting facts about types of ants.


Where Do Ants Hide?

Now is the perfect time to learn about the most common ant-infested areas in a home and how to prevent an unwanted infestation.

A dog with fleas scratching himself

Protect Your Pet From Summer Pests

Learn about tick and flea control to keep your pet safe from dog ticks and flea bites.

A close-up of a tick on someone's skin

Tick-Borne Illness on the Rise

Tick control and prevention is crucial to prevent tick bites. Here are some tick-prevention techniques.