Pest Articles


Rats in garbage_V1D2524.jpg

Rodents 101

Check out this guide to help you identify common mice and rat species.


Interesting Facts About Nuisance Wildlife

Learn about some wild animals that could be living right in your own backyard.

Spiders crawling on a jack-o-lantern

A Guide to Spooky Pests

Here's a guide to some common household critters, and a few simple tips to prevent them from turning your home into a haunted house.

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Fascinating Facts About Five Invasive Species

Discover some unique characteristics of invasive species that set them apart from native pests.

Red imported fire ants crawling in the dirt

Unusual Invasive Species in Our Own Backyards

Learn more about some unique invasive insects and mammals that have made headlines across the country.

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Stink Bugs 101

Read to learn more about brown marmorated stink bugs - a nuisance pest that often invades homes.

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6 Interesting Facts About Spiders

The following spider facts will help you learn more about these eight-legged arachnids.

A potentially venomous spider infestation

Spider Control for Homeowners

Find out how to take action to prevent spiders from posing health risks for your family.

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Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes, Wasps and Other Summer Pests

Learn more about the stinging and biting insects that are likely to frequent your backyard this summer.

A Culex mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes 101

Browse this 101 guide for information on a biting nuisance pest - the mosquito.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Pet Pests

Keep reading to find out facts you may never have known about fleas and ticks.

A small flea against a white background

Fleas 101

Read to learn more about fleas, the most prevalent parasite found on fur-bearing animals, such as dogs and cats.