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Where Did Stink Bugs Come From?

Read this article to learn where stink bugs came from and what risks the stink bug poses.

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Insects from Abroad

Learn more about pests of exotic species including red imported fire ants, Formosan termites, and stink bugs.


Stink Bug Prevention: 10 Tips to Keep This Smelly Pest at Bay

For those wondering how to get rid of stink bugs, read on for ten simple steps you can apply right now.

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Six Steps to an Ant Free Home

Find out how to prevent an ant infestation in your home with these six simple tips.

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Carpenter Ants: Silent Destroyers

Of all the ant species, carpenter ants are one of the most problematic. Discover more information about this nuisance pest.

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Ants 101

Read this 101 article to identify the type of ants in your house - from Argentine ants to odorous ants to crazy ants.

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Six Facts You Didn't Know About Bed Bugs

Learn some unusual bed bug facts that you may not have known.

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Bed Bugs are Back

Read bed bug prevention tips, bed bug inspection guidelines and why bed bugs have come back in the United States.


The Savvy Summer Traveler

Before any bed bugs ride home in your suitcase, read on to learn what savvy travelers can do.

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Stinging Insects 101

Read this 101 article to find out how to identify and get rid of carpenter bees, honey bees, killer bees, wasps and other stinging insects.

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Summer’s Most Dangerous Pests

It’s important to be aware of the risks posed by summer’s most dangerous pests – and learn how to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Keep your Backyard BBQ Pest-Free

Consider the following tips to keep your guests happy and your backyard pest-free during summertime barbecues.