Pest Articles


German Cockroach on Crackers - BUG_0833.jpg

German Cockroaches 101

See here for interesting facts and information about German cockroaches.

Cleaning your home to prevent pests

Everyday Pest Prevention Tips

Experts encourage homeowners to incorporate pest-proofing as part of their spring cleaning and yard clean up routines. Learn more.


Top 10 Termite Prevention Tips

Click here to find out ten tips from the NPMA to protect your greatest investment from termites.

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Termite Trivia

There is much more to termites than you may think. Here are just a few fascinating facts about these silent property destroyers.


Occasional Invaders Q&A

The NPMA addresses common questions about occasional invaders, a group of pests that invade homes from time to time.

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Camel Crickets 101

Camel crickets can become a nuisance, especially in areas experiencing dry weather. Learn more about this occasional invader.

A home covered in snow

Winter Pests 101

Follow this guide of quick tips to prevent a pest infestation this winter.

A mug of cocoa and cookies on a snowy day

There’s Snow Place Like Home

There are many precautions homeowners should take based on weather conditions specific to their area. Find out what they are here.

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The Keys to Winter Pest-Proofing

The NPMA shares several tips that every homeowner can use to help prevent winter pests from gaining access to the home.

Baked holiday cookies in a pest free environment

Top Tips for Pest-Free Holiday Baking

The best way to keep your food safe from pests is to incorporate the following simple habits into your grocery routine.


Holiday Decorating Done Right

Homeowners should follow these tips to ensure holiday decorating is done right - sans insects.

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Wildlife Prevention Tips

Follow these tips to protect against wild animals like raccoons, squirrels, opossums and skunks.