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10 Steps to Keep Your Pets Pest-Free

Read to learn the steps that pet owners can take to protect their pets from pests like fleas and ticks.


The Year of the Tick

Read on to find out more about ticks this season and how you can prevent yourself from this pest.

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How to Protect Yourself from Ticks (And Lyme Disease) This Season

Learn how to prevent tick bites, as well as Lyme disease symptoms this season.


Ant Survey Executive Summary: Exploring America's #1 Nuisance Pest

Discover the findings of nationwide survey on ant infestations and control measures across America.

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When DIY Pest Control Won't Cut It

Check out this article to learn when do-it-yourself measures won't cut it and you should leave to the pros.

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Could Your Home be at Risk for Termites?

Read to learn a few tips to prevent termites from wreaking havoc on your home.

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Rodents & Foreclosures

Find out how one empty home can lead to pests for the whole block.

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The Forgotten Rooms

There are several rooms in a house that can be easily overlooked in the process of pest proofing. Learn how to pest-proof them here.

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Winter Pest-Proofing Can Keep Rodents Away

To prevent rodents from infesting your home this winter, read to learn tips from the NPMA.

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A Chill In The Air Drives Pests Indoors

See these tips from the NPMA on pest-proofing your home to prevent the cold air from driving pests indoors.

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Tis’ the Season to Be Wary of Household Pests

With holiday traditions comes the risk of bringing a variety of pests into homes. See this article to find out how to keep them out.


Ladybugs Swarm Homes as Cool Weather Arrives

Consider these tips from the NPMA to prevent ladybugs from invading homes.