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a pest-free kitchen countertop

Keep Pests Out Of The Pantry

Before pouring that next bowl of cereal, be on the lookout for uninvited pests that may be contaminating common household items.


Across the Country, Invasive Pest Species are Causing Problems

Brush up on prevention tips to keep invasive pests off your property.


As Temperatures Cool, Brown Recluse Spiders are Not So Reclusive

Read on to learn tips from the NPMA on how to help prevent contact with brown recluse spiders.

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Mosquitoes Don't "Fall" Away When Summer Ends

NPMA offers these proactive tips for homeowners to prevent mosquito infestations on their property.


When Ants Come Marching Indoors, Take Action

Can't stand ants? Here's some tips to prevent an infestation in your home.

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Wasps Thrive in Late Summer and Autumn

Help protect from wasp encounters this summer by following these tips.

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Keep Bed Bugs From Going Back to School With College Students

NPMA offers these important tips to help prevent bed bugs from taking up residence in college dorms.


Summer Barbecues: A Favorite Event for Everyone - Including Pests

Keep summer pests from disrupting outdoor festivities by completing these tasks.

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Stinging Insects Can Cause Summer Fears But There Are Ways to Prevent Them

Summer pests must be addressed efficiently and effectively. Here's how to keep them from putting a damper on your summer fun.


National Pest Management Association Separates Pest Myths from Pest Facts

There are a multitude of myths about summer insects that homeowners subscribe to. Learn more about them here.

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As the Weather Warms, Ants Venture Indoors Seeking Food

Read on to learn tips from NPMA experts on how to avoid ant infestations.


Keeping Your Home Flea Free

Don't miss these flea-fighting tips from the NPMA.