Bed Bug Infestation

NPMA Staff

Some pest infestations are extreme, but this one may very well beat them all.

When Rose Pest Solutions was contacted to help treat a middle-class home in Dayton, Ohio for bed bugs*, the company had no idea it was about to encounter one of the worst infestations it has ever seen.

The private residence is home to a 90-year old living with Alzheimer's disease and a priest who frequently travels. As a result, the home became a perfect breeding ground for bed bugs and the infestation quickly spiraled out of control. Unfortunately, the occupants didn't understand the severity of the problem until the house was taken over by thousands of these blood-sucking pests.

That's when Rose Pest Solutions was called in to save the day (and the house).

In order to control the infestation, an intensive, seven-hour heat treatment was used inside the residence. The lawn furniture was even placed in the house for treatment after the technicians took a break outside and found 20-30 bed bugs that had made their way onto the chairs.

During the last two hours of treatment, no live bed bugs were found. However, return visits will most likely be needed to ensure that the house remains free of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs on mattress

This photo depicts a severe case of bed bug droppings found on the mattress.

Bed Bugs on metal box

This photo depicts a metal box found under the bed covered with bed bugs.

*Bed bugs received their common name from their habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. They are an extremely difficult pest to control and require the help of a qualified pest professional. For more information and prevention tips, please visit

Thank you to Rose Pest Solutions for sharing this Extreme Infestation story.


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