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8 Interesting Facts About Ants

Did you know ants can lift 10-50 times their body weight? Read some more fun and interesting facts about types of ants.


Where Do Ants Hide?

Now is the perfect time to learn about the most common ant-infested areas in a home and how to prevent an unwanted infestation.

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Six Steps to an Ant Free Home

Find out how to prevent an ant infestation in your home with these six simple tips.

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Carpenter Ants 101

Of all the ant species, carpenter ants are one of the most problematic. Discover more information about this nuisance pest.

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Ants 101

Read this 101 article to identify the type of ants in your house - from Argentine ants to odorous ants to crazy ants.

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A Chill In The Air Drives Pests Indoors

See these tips from the NPMA on pest-proofing your home to prevent the cold air from driving pests indoors.


Across the Country, Invasive Pest Species are Causing Problems

Brush up on prevention tips to keep invasive pests off your property.


When Ants Come Marching Indoors, Take Action

Can't stand ants? Here's some tips to prevent an infestation in your home.


Summer Barbecues: A Favorite Event for Everyone - Including Pests

Keep summer pests from disrupting outdoor festivities by completing these tasks.


National Pest Management Association Separates Pest Myths from Pest Facts

There are a multitude of myths about summer insects that homeowners subscribe to. Learn more about them here.

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As the Weather Warms, Ants Venture Indoors Seeking Food

Read on to learn tips from NPMA experts on how to avoid ant infestations.


Ants Marching One-By-One Into Homes

The NPMA offers the following preventative measures for keeping ants out of the home.