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The Top 5 Invasive Species Threatening Your Home

Invasive species are on the move across the U.S., causing property damage and presenting new health threats. Here are the top 5 invasive pests to look out for in and around your home.

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What Does a Tick Look Like: Tick Species and the Threats they Pose

Everything you need to know about the different kinds of ticks, how to prevent tick bites, and the threats associated with these potentially dangerous pests.

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What Just Bit Me?

Having trouble identifying a red welt or itchy rash? A bug bite could be the cause. Use this guide to identify bug bites, as they could signal a pest infestation or potential disease transmission.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest-Free Home

As the flowers begin to bloom, homeowners will start their spring cleaning. While dusting and sweeping are par for the course, homeowners should be sure to also incorporate proper pest-proofing into their deep clean during the spring.

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Interesting Tick Facts

Before heading outdoors this summer, check out these five little-known facts about one of the season's most common biting pests - ticks.

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Ticked Off? Prevent Bites With These 5 Tips!

Prevent tick bites when spending time outdoors by following these five tips.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Pet Pests

Keep reading to find out facts you may never have known about fleas and ticks.

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Tick-Borne Illness on the Rise

Tick control and prevention is crucial to prevent tick bites. Here are some tick-prevention techniques.


Keep Pets Healthy in the "Dog Days" of Summer

To avoid pet pests, read on to find out advice for pet owners from the NPMA.


Homeowners Sound Off On Top Five Pests of Summer

Here are five helpful tips to avoid the top five summer pests!

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"Ticking" Down to the Height of Pest Season

Find out how to avoid a tick encounter when spending time outside during the summer.


Summer Months Bring Threat of Tick-Borne Disease

The National Pest Management Association offers five tips to help protect homeowners from tick encounters this summer.

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