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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Learn how to get rid of fleas in your home, as well as some helpful tips.

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What Just Bit Me?

Having trouble identifying a red welt or itchy rash? A bug bite could be the cause. Use this guide to identify bug bites, as they could signal a pest infestation or potential disease transmission.

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Flea Bites 101

Fleas are certainly an itchy annoyance to cats and dogs, but did you know they can bite and transmit disease to humans, too? Fleas can cause allergic dermatitis and are the most common transmitter of the albeit rare but still present bubonic plague.

Cleaning your home to prevent pests

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest-Free Home

As the flowers begin to bloom, homeowners will start their spring cleaning. While dusting and sweeping are par for the course, homeowners should be sure to also incorporate proper pest-proofing into their deep clean during the spring.

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Springtails 101

Also known as snow fleas, read on to learn more about these year round pests, one of the few you'll see outside during the winter.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Pet Pests

Keep reading to find out facts you may never have known about fleas and ticks.

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Fleas 101

Read to learn more about fleas, the most prevalent parasite found on fur-bearing animals, such as dogs and cats.


Keeping Your Home Flea Free

Don't miss these flea-fighting tips from the NPMA.


With Warmer Weather, Fleas Reemerge as a Pest Threat

Here's how to help protect your family pets from flea infestations during the spring season.


Keep Pets Healthy in the "Dog Days" of Summer

To avoid pet pests, read on to find out advice for pet owners from the NPMA.


Fido's Flea Problem Is A Pet Owner's Nightmare

Are you a pet owner? Make sure you follow these tips to Fido safe from fleas.

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Fleas: Not Just "Man's Best Friend's" Problem

NPMA experts offer these tips to protect your family members and household pets from fleas.

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