Pest Professional Results for Zip Code 98512

Listed below are National Pest Management Association pest control companies that service your zip code.

The following companies have helped make this site possible through their commitment to public education.

  • Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control
    651 Market Street
    Klamath Falls, OR, 97601
    1 541 238-2272
  • Eradipest L.L.C.
    41 West Hoquiam Trail
    Elma, WA, 98541
    1 360 4822687
  • PCI Pest Control, LLC
    2812 Pacific Avenue, SE
    Olympia, WA, 98501
    1 360 6288625

QualityPro is the accreditation for pest control companies that meet professional standards beyond what is required to do business in their state. Less than 5% of companies in the industry have earned QualityPro certification. Certified companies can earn additional recognition for their services: Schools, Food Safety, and GreenPro. To learn more, visit