The Lesser Known Pests of Summer

FAIRFAX, Va. (June 6, 2013) – Most of the country is plagued by mosquitoes or ants or bees during the summer, but it may be surprising to learn of other nuisance pests you might see around the home.

With the warm weather, snakes may start appearing around homes and gardens.  They’ll be searching for a meal such as small rodents, and their territory might include a neighborhood as their habitats are being lost to development. If you spot a snake, it’s advised that you call a professional to remove the animal. Do not attempt to dispose of it on your own; some species can be poisonous and some are protected by federal or state laws.

Larger insects such as grasshoppers and various beetles have also been reported across the country in higher than usual numbers. Some are migrating while others have been accidentally introduced to a habitat without predators. If this is happening in your area, local professionals are most likely aware of the situation, but you can help by reporting unusually high numbers of insects near a home or business.