Stinging Insects Pose Increased Health Risks

FAIRFAX, Va. (April 20, 2013) – While much of the country is delighted that warmer weather is on the way, many people may not be as thrilled with what is expected in the coming months. As the temperature continues to rise, stinging insects, such as bees, wasps and hornets will become increasingly active, causing more than just a nuisance to people barbequing and enjoying the outdoors.

From relatively harmless stings to severe allergic reactions, these pests can pose an increased threat to one’s health. In fact, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that more than 500,000 people are sent to the emergency room every year due to insect stings.

Bees have already made an appearance in certain states, including Florida where an aggressive swarm recently stung and killed a dog and stung the dog’s owner, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

To protect against stinging insects when outside, NPMA experts recommend wearing shoes, especially in grassy areas, and avoiding sweet smelling perfumes.