Pill to Fight Bed Bugs

FAIRFAX, Va. (December 31, 2012) – Many media outlets are reporting on a recent breakthrough study from Eastern Virginia Medical School, which found that common deworming medications can be effective in killing bed bugs.

The drug – called Ivermectin – is the active ingredient in heartworm medication for dogs, and the human version is commonly prescribed for travelers who pick up worms overseas. The study found that more than 60 percent of bed bugs die after feeding on humans that have taken the drug.

Although a bed bug pill has not been brought to the market, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) cautions that it would not be a complete solution to treating an infestation. Should such medications be approved for use in controlling bed bugs, they will need to be used in tandem with professional pest control measures, which are necessary to eliminate bed bugs in all lifecycles and areas of the home. Prevention will remain key in controlling the bed bug epidemic.