Pests, Where They Really Don’t Belong

FAIRFAX, Va. (August 9, 2013) – When you think of an insect infestation, common locations that come to mind might be a home or garden, but apparently other structures such as air traffic control towers and pickup trucks are also targets.

Three air traffic controllers at Kansas City International Airport were bitten and the control tower temporarily evacuated due to a spider infestation. Pest professionals who were called to the scene found an egg case attached to a desk in the tower. Thankfully all flights were safely guided to the ground despite the scare.

Further east, a dad in Georgia got an unexpected surprise when his brand new truck was shipped with passengers already inside. Ghost ants swarmed the truck despite power washing at the dealership. While some ant species are known to swarm electronics, none are known to actually live in cars, but with a multitude of crevices to hide in, the truck’s owner may be dealing with these ants at least until winter, when they will most likely die due to colder conditions.