NPMA Applauds Rep. Schmidt for Introducing the Bed Bug Management, Prevention and Research Act

FAIRFAX, Va. (March 14, 2011)The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) announces its support of HR 967, the Bed Bug Management, Prevention and Research Act of 2011, introduced by Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH). The measure was introduced in response to the dramatic resurgence of bed bugs in the United States in recent years and aims to find ways to help Americans cope with this pest.

Specifically, the bill authorizes a federal bed bug research funding program to resume research that has been neglected for 50 years; requires efficacy testing for minimum risk pesticides to protect consumers from products that don't effectively manage bed bug infestations; adds criteria the EPA must consider for the registration of a public health pesticide so as to help provide professionals and consumers more safe, affordable and effective tools; and establishes a Bed Bug Prevention and Mitigation Pilot Program to provide subsidized treatments for those on fixed and lower incomes.

"The bed bug invasion of America is real and severe and many Americans are turning to the government for help," said Bob Rosenberg, NPMA's senior vice president. "NPMA is pleased Representative Schmidt is taking a strong lead to assist the public in managing this pest. Our members will visit their Congressional representatives this week to encourage support for this important legislation."

"Pest management professionals are on the front lines of the bed bug war, but cannot go at it alone. It is important the government, the public and the pest control industry work together to minimize infestations through education, building awareness and assistance. This bill sets the stage for this crucial cooperation," added Rosenberg.

According to NPMA, 95 percent of pest professionals reported treating bed bugs over the past year, up from 25 percent of professionals in 2000. Moreover, bed bugs have been identified as the single most difficult pest to treat by the pest control industry.

To learn more about bed bugs, visit NPMA's Bed Bug Hub.

The NPMA, a non-profit organization with more than 7,000 members, was established in 1933 to support the pest management industry's commitment to the protection of public health, food and property.