Name a Cockroach This Valentine’s Day

FAIRFAX, Va. (February 2, 2015) – This year, the San Francisco Zoo is offering a very different type of gift for Valentine's Day. Jilted lovers can adopt a hissing cockroach or giant scorpion and name it after their ex. According to the cockroach adoption website, "Nothing says 'I've moved on' like adopting a giant cuddly cockroach in the name of your favorite ex!"

The scorpion adoption page reads, "Fallen prey to love's cruel sting? Consider adopting the giant hairy scorpion, the largest in North America, for an unsuspecting victim," the scorpion's adoption page says. "Much like your low-life ex, they are usually found in and around low-elevation valleys where they dig elaborate burrows or 'caves.'"

Donors who adopt these creepy-crawlies receive official certificates of adoption from the zoo, as well as a plush scorpion or box of plastic cockroaches, all while supporting the zoo's mission of connecting people with wildlife.