It’s Fall and Stink Bug Season!

FAIRFAX, Va. (September 9, 2014) – With the approach of fall comes the annual influx of stink bugs finding a way into people's homes, as they search for warm, protected overwintering sites. This invasive pest, originally from Asia, can now be found in 41 states across the country. According to a new federal report, houses that are painted brown and sealed in wood siding are the most attractive to stink bugs as they move from woods and gardens in to human dwellings for the winter.

In addition to brown homes, the report states that stink bugs seem to prefer gray and green houses, with light-colored houses being significantly less appealing to the pest. They are more likely to invade buildings and homes made from wood, cement and stone, as opposed to aluminum siding. Homes near wooded areas also seem to be more preferable to the stink bugs than those in urban areas. The Agriculture Department is currently working to breed a combination of native U.S. and Asian parasitic wasps to create a natural predator for the stink bug.