Giant Tarantula Species Discovered in Sri Lanka

FAIRFAX, Va. (April 6, 2013) – Those suffering arachnophobia may want to steer clear of Sri Lanka where scientists have identified a new tarantula species with a leg span of up to eight inches long. According to Wired Science, these tiger spiders belong to the genus Poecilotheria and are known for being colorful, fast and venomous.

Luckily, most species of spiders are nothing more than a source of unexplained fear. In the United States, the widow spiders and the recluse spiders are the only groups that pose a health threat to humans.

However, it’s important for homeowners to be proactive in keeping these more dangerous species from making their way inside throughout the year. Pest experts suggest storing items in plastic containers and removing clutter from basements, attics and garages.