Bugs to Love

FAIRFAX, Va. (June 11, 2013) – Summer is the season of bugs, but not all bugs are pests! Some insects are predators to the species that could damage your garden or home, and attracting these beneficial bugs can help keep your garden thriving and beautiful. 

  • Ladybugs: Aphids and mites can be the bane of any gardener. One adult lady bug can eat up to 50 in just one day, and a lady bug larva will consume even more! Another benefit to these insects is their harmless relationship with humans and attractiveness to people of all ages.
  • Green lacewings: These guys get their name from their green color and translucent, veined wings. They are another main predator to aphids as well as mealybugs and whiteflies. They also love feeding on pollen and nectar, so growing plants such as coreopsis and goldenrod will attract them to your garden.
  • Ground beetles: These beetles have big appetites, and they’re not picky. They’ll prey on a wide variety of ground pests such as slugs, cutworms, and cabbage maggots. However, ground beetles don’t like to be out in the open. They are nocturnal, so attract them to your garden with extra rocks or stepping stones that they can hide under.

While these bugs have their benefits to your garden, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. If they start to make their way into your home or are present in unusually high numbers, be sure to contact a professional to help manage the situation.