Bed Bugs in the News

FAIRFAX, Va. (January 15, 2014) – It may be a new year, but many people are still experiencing the same old problems with bed bugs. Here are several articles highlighting the activity of bed bugs so far this year.

  • The Secret Life Of Bed Bugs: Study Reveals Seasonal Trends in Growth
  • The Health Risks Of Bedbugs, Beyond Bumps In The Night
  • There's Cold Comfort For Philadelphia On bedbugs

Bed bugs can hide in many areas of the home including mattresses, couches, nightstands— even behind outlet covers and baseboards. The key to avoiding a bed bug infestation is to be vigilant, especially when traveling. As soon as you check into a room, inspect the bed linens, mattresses, box springs, couches and chairs for bed bug dirt (a combination of digested blood, shed skins, egg casings and even the bugs themselves). Upon returning from a trip, vacuum suitcases and launder clothes immediately. It’s also advisable to take extra precaution about where you place personal belongings while out and about in your daily life. Avoid putting bags and purses on the floor of dressing rooms, public transit, movie theaters, etc.