Ticked Off? Prevent Bites With These 5 Tips!

If you plan on spending time enjoying the great outdoors this summer, don’t forget to protect yourself from ticks! They may be tiny, but ticks are capable of transmitting serious illnesses like Lyme disease. To learn about how you can prevent tick bites, browse the slideshow of tips below:

  • Choose Proper Clothing

    Choose Proper Clothing

    If you’re going to be spending time in wooded areas or tall grasses, wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes. Wearing light colored clothing will make it easier to spot ticks.

  • Maintain Your Yard

    Maintain Your Yard

    To keep your own yard tick-free, keep grass cut low and remove weeds, woodpiles and debris, which can attract ticks and other pests. Keep shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation well pruned, particularly around patios and play areas.

  • Wear Insect Repellant

    Wear Insect Repellant

    Wear a bug spray containing at least 20% DEET when outdoors, and reapply as directed on the label.

  • Hike Smart

    Hike Smart

    When hiking, do your best to stay in the center of trails, away from vegetation where ticks may be hiding and waiting to hitch a ride.

  • Don't Forget About Pets

    Don't Forget About Pets

    Avoid walking dogs in tall grass, where fleas and ticks often hide, and inspect pets for ticks on a routine basis. Just like humans, pets can contract Lyme disease from blacklegged ticks.

By following these tips, you and your family can take advantage of beautiful summer days without the dangerous health consequences that a tick bite can cause. If you do happen to find a tick on yourself or someone else, follow these steps to remove it safely and effectively. Contact a pest professional to determine the best course of tick control and treatment if you consistently notice ticks on your property.