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List: Top 5 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Here are the top five signs of termite infestation to look out for in your home.


Termite ID: How to Spot Termites in Your Home

Here’s a handy guide to help you correctly spot common termite species in your home.

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Fascinating Facts About Five Invasive Species

Discover some unique characteristics of invasive species that set them apart from native pests.


Top 10 Termite Prevention Tips

Click here to find out ten tips from the NPMA to protect your greatest investment from termites.

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Termite Trivia

There is much more to termites than you may think. Here are just a few fascinating facts about these silent property destroyers.

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Spring Swarmers

Learn about the typical life cycle of a termite colony, which is often made up of workers, soldiers and swarmers.


Buyers Beware

When purchasing a home, it’s essential to schedule a termite inspection and avoid getting stuck with termite damage that is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

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Termites 101

Learn about different termite types like subterranean termites, drywood termites and Formosan termites.

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A Chill In The Air Drives Pests Indoors

See these tips from the NPMA on pest-proofing your home to prevent the cold air from driving pests indoors.


Across the Country, Invasive Pest Species are Causing Problems

Brush up on prevention tips to keep invasive pests off your property.


Termites Likely to Flourish in Warm Spring Weather

Look at these proactive tips to help prevent termite infestations within homes during the spring.


Old Man Winter Blows Pests Indoors

Read on for info on how to keep pests from making a hasty retreat indoors during the colder months.