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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm not sure where the school year went but it’s now over. Moms, that means 10 weeks of time you can enjoy with your children! Interpret that as you deem appropriate: with utter delight at the quality bonding time now available for you and your children, or complete panic at filling all the time with creative, fun activities that will prevent any and all sibling arguments! Rest easy, worried moms - help is here! CRAFTS! I am not a crafty mom but I have gathered a few tricks up my sleeves over the years so that I can pretend otherwise.  After all, I am a Girl Scout leader and crafts, like cookies and camping, are just part of the gig!

When my girls were a bit younger, we would have theme weeks in the summer where we would focus our fun around a particular CC Crawling Caterpillarstopic….heritage, history, water, nature, etc.  If I had known about then, bugs would have most certainly been part of our exploration. The site is dedicated to helping kids learn more about the fascinating world of insects, rodents and wildlife. One of the newest additions to the domain is Critter Crafts, very cool bug-oriented crafts you can make with your children. Each project includes a full list of supplies, pictures of what the masterpieces look like when finished, and even a step-by-step video to help the uncrafty feel crafty.

From bumblebeCC ladybug crowne bookmarks to a squirrel craft and game to edible creations such as ants on a log, the site offers a myriad of fun projects for kids of various ages. Recently I saw a picture of dozens of school kids in a local newspaper celebrating Earth Day wearing the adorable ladybug crowns featured on our site. 

Summer is a great time to unplug and unwind and explore the great outdoors. Perhaps a family camping trip, preceded by a few days of learning all about bugs and creating some bug masterpieces? If you have any fun “Critter Crafts” you’ve created - either using our ideas or on your own - I’d love to see them. Please send pictures!

Enjoy the summer and all it has to offer!


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