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Re: Cynthia Haney

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Ms. Haney - Thanks for writing. We are indeed eagerly watching for the first cicada sightings! Rest assured we will post updates on their emergence on Twitter (@PestWorld) and on our Facebook page as well. And I am sure they will be the talk of the town once they begin to surface. To help in your planning, once the temperatures start warming (and stay warm!), expect cicada activity to follow shortly thereafter...mostly likely they will be pervasive in the impacted areas between May and June. Can't wait to see these insects that only grace us with their presence every 17 years!

Cynthia Haney

Monday, April 22, 2013
Thanks for the update. I got Ms. Henricksen's name from the Washington Post article. Are you able to give periodic forecasts about brood emergence? Such as,approximate soil temps in different regions, anticipated emergence the closer in time it gets, this sort of thing? I think this would be extraordinarily helpful to those of us trying to plan various events or, in my case, when to take an extended cross-country trip! This might be a public service kind of weekly update you could provide to the newspapers; convince them of the value to carry this and get yourselves some free publicity while you're at it. If nothing else, could you carry a weekly forecast on your website for people to check in with?

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