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Reynolds Pest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
These are great point to follow for homeowners. We try to encourage all our pest control customers to have an annual checkup on their home for pests to ensure a pest free home.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Great article on maintaining your home. Most people don't realize how quickly damage can take place if things are unattended. One of things that may help home-owners protect their most valuable investment as well is looking out for moisture problems. In Florida, we do Wood Destroying Organism inspection reports that not only include termites, but also wood decay fungi. By far, this is the leading problem that we report. The funny part about it is, the treatment for this problem is removal of the moisture laden wood, or condition that caused the fungi to grow. If home-owners will check for these conditions and look for mold growth, standing water, or softened wood they can easily stop or mitigate this problem before it causes more damage. Reynolds Pest Management, Inc..

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