Caribbean Crazy Ant Infestation

NPMA Staff

What do see you along the bottom of the white mobile home in the photograph below?

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If you think it is dirt...then think again.

The thick brown perimeter along the home is actually a massive colony of Caribbean Crazy Ants* extending eight inches wide and three inches deep.

This population of Caribbean Crazy Ants infested a Jacksonville, Florida mobile home in August 2010. They were found by following multiple trails of the foraging workers from a nearby wooded area.

Massey Services, a company with more than 75 years of experience providing residential and commercial pest control services, was called in to round up the troops. The pest professionals controlled the area for several weeks using a customized treatment plan, which included the use of professional grade products around the perimeter of both the structure and the lot.

Luckily, the ants are rarely known to sting or bite and did not cause any permanent damage to the home or fence. However, they did prove to be a heavy nuisance to the homeowner with an infestation that rapidly grew out of control.

*Crazy ants get their name because they are known to run in an erratic, jerky manner when searching for food. The colonies tend to be small, composed of up to 2,000 workers with 8 to 40 queens.

Thank you to Massey Services, Inc. for sharing this Extreme Infestation story.


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