Woman Claims She Bought Bed Bug Infested Furniture

FOX23.com (Tulsa, OK)
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aimee Johnson invited FOX23 cameras into her garage, but never encouraged anyone to sit down.

Her newest furniture is off limits.

"We're going to have to get rid of it," said Johnson.

Her secondhand couch and matching chair were moved out of the house after Johnson said her son's doctor explained a series of rashes on her son's arms and legs.

"I thought he was getting chicken pox," said Johnson.

Instead, she said she gave Fantasy Furniture $250 for the furniture and a nest of bed bugs.

"As a business man, I can't take the furniture back," said Fantasy Furniture owner Walter Lock.

Lock said once you take whatever you've bought out of the store- it's yours- no returns.

"I can tell you it's impossible to have bed bugs in this store," said Lock.

Lock said regular deep steam cleanings prevent the possibility of bed bugs. After inviting FOX23 inside his store, our crew was shown a set of tags attached to each piece of furniture- indicating everything had been properly sanitized.

Johnson said she has made multiple attempts to work with Fantasy Furniture to exchange the furniture. However, she said she said whoever answered her calls was not helpful.

"After I gave her my address she said there's no way in hell they'll come to Bristow to pick it up," said Johnson.

Johnson said she posted a warning about the store on Craigslist. Johnson said Lock threatened to sue her for damaging the store's reputation.

Lock told FOX23 that he didn't want the negative attention, so he'll consider giving Johnson a refund.