UNL Finds Bed Bugs In Two More Rooms

Friday, January 20, 2012

University of Nebraska-Lincoln staff members have found bedbugs in at least two more rooms, the university's housing director said in an online post Friday.

"Right now we have identified one room in Abel, as well as a student lounge, and a student room in The Village, in which active bedbugs have been found and are being treated," Sue Gildersleeve said.

Earlier this week, the university confirmed it had found bedbugs in a room shared by two students in Abel Hall. The students found the bugs when they returned to their ninth-floor room after winter break, and a university official said the students likely brought them into the room.

In June, bedbugs turned up in a laboratory used as office space by the College of Engineering.

UNL hired an exterminator to clear the Abel Hall room of the bugs and paid to have the students' bedding and clothing cleaned. The university plans to do the same with the two other rooms iwhere the bugs were found.

"There is no reason to believe other rooms are affected," Gildersleeve said in her online post. "But it is useful for you to know what to look for and how to help prevent bed bugs from getting in to your belongings or rooms."

The university provided an online informational sheet about bedbugs at housing.unl.edu/bedbugs.shtml.