U of M Launches Campaign to Battle Bed Bugs

KSTP-TV (Minneapolis, MN)
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bed bugs have made a big comeback in recent years. Now the University of Minnesota is launching a new effort to help you combat bed bugs.

The University recently launched the "Let's Beat the Bug" campaign. The goal is to educate tenants, landlords, and travelers on what to do if they come across an infestation of the pest.

On the website, you'll find videos showing you exactly what an adult bed bug and a juvenile bed bug look like. You can also see how they act when they're eating and what they look like when they're on the move.  

Experts at the U of M say a lack of public awareness is what brought the bed bugs back into the public eye. They're hoping with a little knowledge.. people can successfully fight off these pesky creatures.

The campaign features several ways to get your questions answered including a hotline, email, website, Facebook page and Twitter account. The bed bug team at the U of M also plans to hold seminars around the state for landlords, hotel managers and renters.

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