Two "Isolated" Bed Bug Incidents
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS - Superintendent Samuel Lee said there were two "isolated incidents" regarding bedbugs at a school that were addressed last week.

In one incident, a student had bedbug bites, he said Tuesday. Another student had a bedbug on them, he said.

"There was no infestation," he said.

Lee said the incidents occurred on Thursday and an exterminator came out that day.

Both students live in the same apartment complex. School officials declined to name which school the students attend and which complex they live in.

"This problem has been overblown and we are doing our best to protect families from embarrassment," spokeswoman Eileen Kelliher said. "The rumors - and that is what they are - seem to be attached to one school and one apartment complex. I'd rather not mention which ones."

"The truth is," she continued, "we noticed one bedbug on one chair in one classroom. We had professionals come in and scour the buildings and our buses. They assured us that there were no bedbugs. We also alerted the apartment complex and management there agreed to address the situation."

"We have had no sightings since then," she said.