Tenants Say Rats, Bedbugs Rampant In Complex

Friday, July 1, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tenants of an apartment complex on Indianapolis' north side said problem pests, including rats and bedbugs, are forcing them out of their homes.

Residents said management staff hasn't listened to them, so they turned to 6News to tell their story.

Latoria McMichel said she and her three children have had enough of dealing with rampant pests in her apartment at Laco Towne Club, in the 3300 block of North Meridian Street.

"Just because we are low income doesn't mean that we've got to be treated like this. We have rights, too," McMichel said. "I had human feces. I had bugs that destroyed my bed. They had to put me in a hotel for a whole week. They had told me they (were) going to fix my apartment, but they didn't."
The Marion County Board of Health confirmed Friday that they visited the complex on Thursday and issued five citations for rat and mice infestation. One of the citations involved an abandoned basement apartment.
"I don't know what they are. They said they weren't bedbugs, but these little things bite and they sting," said resident Monica Woods. "You don't see them until they bit you a bunch of times, and then they grow."

Residents who have lived at the apartments for many years said the complex used to be one of the nicest ones around but went downhill in recent years after a sale.

Angela Bollen, who said she has lived at the apartment complex for 35 years, said a mouse problem got worse about two months ago.

"Twelve the other day; first I didn't see any," she said. "Then, I saw one or two, and then I looked up and they were everywhere."

Tenants said they've tried to reach management repeatedly without success. 6News also tried contacting apartment managers and was unsuccessful.