Tenants Complain About Bed Bugs at Skyway Apartments

Thursday, April 12, 2012

COBB COUNTY, GA - Sherlock Earl pointed out a real problem with bed bugs in his Cobb County apartment.

"Oh, God have mercy. We've got bed bugs," said Earl.

He said the bugs surfaced at the Skyway Apartments two months ago, and ever since they've made his skin crawl.

"That's disgusting. It has me scared, and it has my whole body shimmering," said Earl.

Earl said he and his fiancee have been bitten several times by the bed bugs, and when they complained to management, nothing happened.

"We don't go in the back bedroom. We sleep in that front room, and that's not right. We pay $700 here a month, and that's a lot of money, and they won't clean it up," said Earl.

Earl isn't the only one complaining. Al Boid moved out a few days ago.

"The bed bug situation has been there for months, but they want their money," said Boid.

So CBS Atlanta News tracked down management to ask them about the problem.

"What are you doing to get rid of the bed bug problem?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Adam Murphy.

"We've called Terminix to come and check them out. If these people have bed bugs, they've brought them in themselves because we don't furnish furniture. So they brought them in with them," said Skyway Apartments manager John Godwin.

The property manager said Earl still owes them money for rent, and he has until the end of the week to pay up or get out.

"Wherever we go, it's going to be better than here," said Earl.