Students Back at School After Evacuation for Bed Bugs Led Them to Relocate
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Students were allowed back in Pulse High School in East Tremont on Wednesday after bedbugs forced the evacuation of the school last week.

Powerful chemicals used to exterminate the creepy crawlers at the leased building forced about 200 students to relocate to nearby Junior High School 118.

"The chemical was so strong, we couldn't be in school," senior Sheldon Nelson said the principal told students.

Kids said they hung out in the auditorium and watched movies starting last Thursday, when they were moved.

"I don't want to go in the school, because you know once bedbugs get in your home, they won't get out," said Nelson, 17.

Since Pulse High School is in a leased site, Department of Education officials said it was the landlord's decision to exterminate the building. School officials were not informed of the irritating insects.

When reached by a reporter, an employee at the landlord's office said the issue had been taken care of.

Bedbugs have been seen crawling around a Brooklyn school, the Daily News reported this week, but DOE officials said evacuation was not necessary.

Angry parents have kept their kids out of the East New York elementary school, claiming classrooms are infested.